We want better ads. 

We at Vimma believe in a better future of digital advertisement. Currently, companies spend too much money in advertisement that people do not want to see. We believe there is a better way brands can connect to their target groups than catering them with display ads. We think that ads should be integrated into our lives in a meaningful way, and commercial content should be relevant, fun and informative. 

This is why we believe the ads should be created and distributed by consumers themselves. This way, there will be more ads that individuals can believe in, shared to their networks that find them relevant.

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"Vimma is as easy as buying a Facebook ad - but 11 x more efficient"

Brands, B2C companies, and marketing agencies are already discovering and leveraging user generated ads with Vimma. 

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We are a small team developing AI technology to make advertisement more humane.  

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